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    Old School Roleplay

    Server Rules


    You're not allowed to use out-of-character (OOC) knowledge in an in-character (IC) way.

    For example, people don't have floating names above their heads in real life. You're not allowed to read someone's nametag and then suddenly know their name. You should ask them what their name is instead, or have someone else that legitimately knows tell you. This rule also applies to things like asking a player to promise that they won't rob you, or using a Discord server to send IC messages.


    Your character is not allowed to act in an unrealistic manner or force outcomes on other characters.

    For example, you can't just say that you are superman and can fly, or that you have an invisibility cloak therefore other players can't see you. Similarly, you can't force actions upon other players without giving them the chance to respond/counter.


    Attacking someone without a proper reason isn't allowed.

    For example, it's not okay to start shooting someone just because they said something mean to you. Such extreme acts of violence must be fully justified by a proper reason that you can easily explain when asked.
    Similarly, attacking people for fun or out of boredom is strictly disallowed.
    Finally, if you do have a valid reason to attack, you cannot just instantly kill-on-sight (KOS) - there must be some actual roleplay involved in the situation.

    Revenge Killing

    If you are killed, you don't remember any details about your death. Getting revenge is therefore not allowed.

    Similarly, you're not allowed to return to the scene of your death (even if you are just taking your car or something) or to interact with any situations related to your death. You must wait until the situation has finished.

    Vehicle Drive-bys

    • You may only drive-by as the passenger of a moving car.

    Specifically, the following aren't allowed:
    • "Driver Drive-by" - Using weapons as the driver of a vehicle.
    • "Driverless Drive-by" - Using weapons while in a vehicle with no driver.
    • "Bike Drive-by" - Using weapons as the passenger of any kind of bike or motorcycle.
    • Law enforcement factions are not allowed to drive-by, except as a last resort if:
    • The suspects are actively shooting at them or others from their vehicle.
    • Tasers or Beanbag Shotguns can not be used in a drive-by.
    • Refusing to RP/Going OOC: You must remain in-character at all times unless an Administrator says otherwise.

    Do not:

    • Moan or complain in /b about IC problems (like arrests).
    • Run, jump or bike around aimlessly without any purpose.
    • Void or skip roleplays without an admin's permission.
    • Say that you are OOC unless an admin has given you permission.
    • Accept death to avoid being captured, or while someone is interacting with you.
    • Disconnect or go idle or inactive to avoid situations or punishments.
    • Be idle (AFK, for example) on the server for longer than 15 minutes.
    • If you have a problem with a situation, you must /report it to an admin and then continue in-character with the situation until an admin says otherwise.
    • Cop bait, Cop Baiting is not allowed, meaning that you can't stand near a cop by 10ft and tell someone that you are selling weed, or show off your gun while a cop is cruising around, or keep recklessly driving intentionally infront of him.
    • Always RP fear infront of cops.


    You and the person you are robbing must be level three or higher.
    - Nobody under level three may assist or take part in the robbery.

    You may not take more than $10,000 from someone that you rob, even if they have more.
    - You also may not force a player to withdraw money from storage or the bank.

    You may not take more than 2500 materials from someone you rob, even if they have more.
    - You also may not force them to take more materials out of storage.

    You may not take more than 50 weapon parts from someone you rob, even if they have more.
    - You also may not force them to take more weapon parts out of storage.
    - There's no limit on how many actual weapons or drugs you can take.

    Robbing a player is not a valid reason to kill them afterwards.
    - You can't kill someone that you've robbed (or kill them before) without some other valid reason.
    - The robbery alone is not a valid reason.

    You may not patrol around looking for players to rob.
    - Being bored and driving around looking for someone to rob is not a valid reason.
    - Players who commit an excessive amount of robberies risk being punished.


    You and the person you are scamming must be level three or higher.
    - Nobody under level three may assist or take part in the scam.

    The maximum amount of money you can scam from a player is $25000.
    - Houses, properties and vehicles cannot be scammed.

    Safe Areas

    You're not allowed to commit major crimes or attack or rob other players in the following areas:

    • Faction Buildings (Both inside, and the general area outside)
    • Pizza Stacks (Both inside the mine, and the small area beside the entrance)
    • Banks (Both inside, and the general area outside)
    • Dealerships (Inside, and the general area outside)

    Roleplaying Weapons

    • You can't draw a large weapon without proper roleplay.
    • You must properly describe the action of drawing a to weapon other players nearby before using the weapon.
    • You can't hide a large weapon on your character.
    • Hiding large weapons in backpacks or briefcases isn't allowed. They must be holstered visibly on your person, like the in-game object shows. If you don't wish to have the weapon object displayed on your character, you should store the weapon away in a car or house. If another player can see the object, they can see the weapon.

    Mods, cheats and abuse

    You're not allowed to gain an unfair advantage by using mods, cheats or by abusing features of the script/server.

    General OOC Behavior

    You're expected to be respectful towards other players and staff, to play on the server properly and fairly, and to use common sense in the absence of any formal rules.
    Remember that if You think that something isn't allowed, then it probably isn't.

    Disturbing or Sensitive Roleplay

    Other players must consent to take part in sensitive roleplay scenes which some people may not be comfortable with.
    You can't force anyone to take part in scenes involving sexual activities or other potentially disturbing or disgusting themes like torture without their consent.

    A player may withdraw their consent at any time, and their involvement in the roleplay must stop immediately.

    From now on you won't be able to make non-realistic ads, such as selling white powder, toys for kids, toy weapons etc.
    The reason why this rule is implemented because it's really non-realistic and makes no sense.

    If you break this rule, you might get fined and even jailed after that.

    Use of Server Vehicles

    You may not use server spawned vehicles in some situations. Currently those vehicles are Faggios. They are here to get the new players from point A to point B.

    You may not use them for:

    • Running away from or provoking the police or other government agencies.
    • Trolling (Which is against the rules anyways)
    • To avoid any conflict (Fist fights, gun fights, etc.)

    Character Kill Policy

    Recently there have been a lot of people accepting death just to avoid In Character prison. This is how the CK policy will work.
    Accepting death to avoid IC jail - That will be counted as a CK, unless the player has an active court case going on, and if that's the case, it'll be qualified as a PK.
    Gun shot wounds - As long as your head didn't take any damage, you can not RP dead at the same moment, as there's a chance of your survival IC'ly. Any RP of being dead if the head didn't take any damage will be counted as a CK.

    You may not namechange or Character Kill (CK) yourself when:

    • You have scammed someone in the last 6 days.
    • You have robbed someone in the last 3 days.
    • There is an active court case going on against you.

    Administrator Decisions are Final

    Decisions made by an administrator are final. You must obey the requests and decisions of an admin at all times, even if you disagree with them, or think that they are wrong.
    If an admin makes a decision which you disagree with, then you should report it by making a staff report. Regardless, you must still obey their decision.

    *All rules are subject to change by the OS-RP Management team.
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